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Concussion Management

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Early concussion assessment is pivotal to a quicker recovery.

A concussion is defined as a “complex pathophysiological process affecting the brain, induced by biomechanical forces.” Typically, these injuries are experienced with an abrupt onset, causing shortin-term impairment and resolving spontaneously.

Whether caused by direct impact, or violent shaking of the head and neck, the brain experiences these forces within the skull, injuring the nerve cells. These injured cells now behave differently, including how they process energy to perform their job, which explains the variety of symptoms experienced during concussion recovery.

While the majority of concussions resolve within 7-10 days, the recovery time can vary. It should also be noted that children and adolescents often require a longer recovery time.

If you have experienced a concussion, or think you might have, early assessment is pivotal to a quicker recovery. The reason for this is to best categorize your symptoms and determine the specific rehabilitation plan you will require.

At Cordick Chiropractic, Dr. Christine Cordick and Dr. Robert Rodine are certified providers in the Shift Concussion Management Program, and will assess your symptom patterns, help to identify modifications that you should be making at home, school or work in order to promote recovery and set you on the right path with a systematic approach to your treatment and rehabilitation.

Whether your concussion injury was caused in a sporting environment, due to a slip and fall or in an auto-accident, the symptoms are likely to impact your day to day performance and quality of life.

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