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Sounds Heard from a Chiropractic Room

Have you ever wondered about the sounds that come from a Chiropractic treatment room…

Dr. Cordick giving a chiropractic adjustment.


Sound 1 –  the audible “POP” that oftens accompanies hands on spinal adjustments. MYTH: the “POP” heard from a adjustment is bone cracking. FACT: the sound actually emanates from the facet joint being adjusted.

Sound 2 – the “THUD” is usually caused by a drop mechanism that is built into the chiropractic table.

Sound 3 – the “CRACKLE”  this crackling is known as Crepitus, it is the sound from your bones, joints, tendons, and bursa.  This sound is usually caused by air found between two layers of tissue.

Sound 4 – the “AHHH!”  Most people who experience a chiropractic adjustment receive some degree of immediate relief.  This accounts for a commonly heard “ahhh!’ coming from a treatment room.

Our Chiropractors will discuss  your treatment with you during your visit.  If you have question during your treatment please ask the Chiropractor, they will be happy to answer your questions.




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